How to open external links in tabs in a new window

Adding target=_blank is required most of the time for external window as we don’t want our visitor to leave our site. Post Tabs PRO plugin allows to you add external link in tabs by using proper shortcode, and if you want to add target=_blank parameter to that link so that it opens in new window, here is the procedure.

Go to the Tabs PRO settings page and check the box “Open tab links in New window”. Now every external link will open in a new window as the plugin will automatically add target=_blank for each external links attached to the tabs.


How to change the location of tab from top to left, right or bottom


You can control the location of tab and tab content using a single parameter in shortcode. In the shortcode, pass a parameter named location with value as the location that you want. For example, to have the tabs in left side, you need to enter value as “left”. This is how the shortcode should be for simple tab/content with left aligned tab,

[tab name='Overview']Content for the tab Overview[/tab]

[tab name='Features']Content for the tab Features[/tab]

[tab name='Test']Content for the tab Test[/tab]

[tab name='Results']Content for the tab Results[/tab]

[end_tabset skin="lightness" location="left" ]

You can use value as right, top and bottom to place the tabs respectively. Here are the demos of every skin showing tabs at different locations.