Comprehensive guide for Tab Shortcode Attributes

There are so many parameters available in WordPress Post Tabs PRO to control the tabbed content and style. We have tried to provide many features to utilize the webpage real estate effectively and it should also look good. Features like multiple effects, skins, option for external links, tab location choices, navigation button option, content and tab navigation width, adding special CSS class, add target=_blank, mouse hover transition, auto transition etc. can be controlled using proper shortcode parameter. In this tutorial, we have explained all possible parameters in WordPress Post Tabs PRO shortcode.

[wptab name='Active Tab'active="1"]Content for the tab Tab1[/wptab]
[wptab name='External Link' link=''
class='wptab3goog']Content for the tab Tab2[/wptab]
[wptab name='Tab3']Content for the tab Tab3[/wptab]
[wptab name='Tab4']Content for the tab Tab4[/wptab]
[end_wptabset skin="default" location="top" width="300" effect="scale" easing="swing" effectduration="10" onhover="1" showtitle="1" targetblank="1" auto="1" prevnext="1" prevtext="Prev" nexttext="Next" navwidth='120px'

As you can see the parameters are passed at two different places. Few parameters are at wptab shortcode and other parameters are with end_wptabset.

wptab Or tab specific parameters

name – Name of the tab

active – If set as ’1′, the tab will remain active when someone opens the page/post having tabbed content

link – Pass the external webpage URL

class – Add extra CSS class to specific tab so that you can style that particular tab

end_wptabset Or for complete tab system

skin – Pass the skin name that you want to apply. Get the skin names from Tabs PRO settings page

location – Choose if you want tabs in left/right/top/bottom

effect – Choose effect which you want for tab.

easing – Choose easing effect for tab change.

effectduration – It specify time for effect.

prevnext – Set to ’1′ to have Previous/Next navigation button

showtitle – St to ’1′ to show the title of the tab

targetblank – Set to ’1′ to add target=_blank to open external links in new window

onhover – Set to ’1′ to have mouse hover transition. Default is mouse click transition

width – Set the width of the complete tab, Pass values in px or percentage(%)

auto – Set to ’1′ to enable auto sliding or auto-transition

prevtext – Change the text for Previous navigation

nexttext – Change the text for Next navigation

navwidth – Set the width of tab title (helpful in case of left/right tab location)

contentwidth – Set the width of tab content (helpful in case of left/right tab location)