Advance Setting Page

Here are the details about each and every fields available under these sections.

Advance Options on Settings Page

There are three sub-sections in the Advance Options section on WP Tabs settings page.

1. Disable Plugin Resources – WordPress Post Tabs does not load many resources (JS, CSS) but still it adds few files in the HEAD section of site. If you are using tabbed contents on very limited posts or pages, there i no need to load the resources on each and every post/page. Using the options availabel in this section, you can disable the plugin resources on posts and pages and activate the resoruces on selected posts using the “WordPress Post Tabs” meta box.

Disable resoucres on all posts – To avoid loading resources on all posts of the site

Disable resources on al pages – Avoid loading resources on all pages

2. Custom Shortcodes – The default shortcode for tabs is [wptab] and [end_wptabset]. In case you find any conflict related to the shortcode or the same shortcode is used in other plugin or your theme, you may choose to change the shortcode on your site. But it is important to know that whatever shortcode you write in the boxes available ere, you will have to use the same shortcode in posts or pages otherwise the plugin will not work.

Replace [wptab] shortcode with

Replace [end_wptabset] shortcode with

3. Custom Styles – You can customize the pre-styled skins by adding extra CSS lines or even customize the tab by adding CSS. There is no need to edit the style.css file, you can enter the CSS in “Custom Styles” box and save the changes. The CSS will apply to the tabs without any problem. To override the element style, you may need to use !important parameter in CSS values.